HBO Max Will Release the Justice League Snyder Cut in March

After years of campaigning, holding signs, and creating online petitions, the day many DC fans have been waiting for is finally coming: Zack Snyder’s version of 2017’s Justice League is going to be released.

According to the directors Twitter, the long-awaited cut will arrive to HBO Max on March 18th, 2021. And while there have been plenty of rumors surrounding what Snyder’s new version will contain, a few interesting details about the runtime, new characters, and changes from the 2017 “Justice League” have been confirmed.

The theatrical cut of the Justice League came in at a fairly average 2 hour run time. Although fans got in and out of the movie theaters quickly, many couldn’t help but feel that most of the cast felt underdeveloped. Since the Snyder cut of the movie is reportedly going to run four hours, this longer version of the film could help remedy that characterization. Hopefully, we get a lot more backstory about the heroes and not just two additional hours of slow-motion action.

A longer run time will also help to fit in the new characters that are set to appear. During last year’s DC fandom event, a trailer for the Snyder cut showed that Barry Allen/Flash’s longtime love interest Iris West will appear in the film, played by actress Kiersey Clemons. They’ll be joined by arguably the biggest bad in the DC Universe, Darkseid, played by Ray Porter. But the biggest surprise addition to the cast will be Jared Leto’s Joker. Since 2017’s Justice League was originally focused on an alien threat, it’s unclear where the clown prince of crime would fit in the story.

In between the new characters and run time, a few small changes have been confirmed through images and trailers. Superman will wear a black suit, Cyborg and Flash will get more scenes, and Snyder will even change the color of the red sky in the finale. While we don’t know if the movie will definitely have the rumored R rating or if it will get us hungry for another helping of Snyder’s Justice League, we do know that we’ll have to set aside four hours to see what’s changed on March 18th, 2021.


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