Rebellion Publishing Announces a New Novella Line, Solaris Satellites

Rebellion Publishing is getting in the novella game: Today, the publisher announced Solaris Satellites, a series that will publish three SFF novellas each year. The first Satellites, available this year, are from Premee Mohamed, Derek Künsken, and Wayne Santos.

“Novellas are where the genre is at right now: a neat little package, with more room to breathe than a short but without the  hulking commitment of a novel (or series!). Some of the cleverest, most exciting stories of the past  few years have been novellas, and we’re thrilled to be adding more of them to our schedule,” editor David Thomas Moore, who created the Satellites project, said in a press release.  

Here are the official summaries of the three 2021 releases:

These Lifeless Things by Premee Mohamed 

Eva is a survivor. She’s not sure what she survived, exactly, only that They invaded without warning,  killed nearly all of humanity, and relentlessly attack everyone who’s left. All she can do to stay sane,  in the blockaded city that’s no longer home, is keep a journal about her struggle. Fifty years later, Eva’s words are found by Emerson, a young anthropologist sent to the ruins to  study what happened. The discovery could shed light on the Invasion, turning the unyielding mystery  of the short war into a story of hope and defiance. 

The Difficult Loves of Maria Makiling by Wayne Santos 

Maria is, in no particular order: a concept artist at one of Canada’s biggest videogame studios, the  goddess of Mount Makiling in the Philippines, and in love. And right now, being in love is her biggest  problem. Because when Maria falls in love, tragedy and death follow—and always have. For hundreds of  years. If she wants to break the cycle, it’s going to take everything a goddess, her newly-befriended,  anime-obsessed demon-horse, and Canadian national treasure Margaret Atwood have to make it  happen. 

Pollen From a Future Harvest by Derek Künsken 

Major Chenesai Okonkwo is an Auditor for the Sub-Saharan Union. Her mission: to find out why if  Sixth Expeditionary Force’s newly discovered time gate has been compromised. Is the Union’s  revolutionary discovery already doomed, eleven years in the future? But there is another, more personal mission. The possible murder of her husband remains unsolved.  But are the two things connected? Can she navigate the world of aliens, spies, politics and time  paradoxes to find the truth, and save her people’s future? 

Satellites novella program, author headshots of Premee Mohamed, Derek Künsken, and Wayne Santos


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