New Trailer for Netflix’s Space Sweepers Shows Off an Action-Packed Romp

Netflix has released a full trailer for its upcoming Korean science fiction blockbuster Space Sweepers, about a salvage crew in Earth orbit that comes across a mysterious and potentially dangerous android.

We’ve been getting excited for this film for a while now. The first teaser for the project dropped back in August, and because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix scooped up the film for distribution, and recently announced that the movie will debut on the platform on February 5th.

This new trailer has us even more excited. We learn that in 2099, Earth is no longer habitable, forcing humanity to go into space in a vast network of orbital habitats. Those homes are protected by crews of ships that compete with one another to scoop up space debris.

The film follows one particularly misfit crew that stumbles upon a potentially life-changing payday: they find a small android child in some wreckage, which they think that they can flip for a lot of money. But they soon learn that the android is actually a bomb, and they have to figure out what to do with it.

Along the way, there’s plenty of really bonkers-looking action. Lots of gun battles, a robot throwing a spear at a spaceship, space battles and chases, and more. With theaters still largely closed, this looks like it’ll be the perfect, action-packed blockbuster to enjoy with buckets of popcorn from home.


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