Snowpiercer Is Getting an Express Ticket to a Third Season

The mighty train will keep on rolling next year. TNT has confirmed that it has ordered a third season for its hit sci-fi show Snowpiercer.  Since the series is being renewed for another go around the icy tracks before season two has premiered, it sounds like the showrunners have more stories to tell even after we see the fallout from season one’s wild twist ending. (Spoilers below the cut.)

Before the finale episode, the audience was told that the train’s engineer Mr. Wilford, now played by Sean Bean, never got to board his great mechanical creation. This reveal is enough to turn factions of the train against each other. In the midst of the conflict, Andre, played by Daveed Diggs, rises through the ranks and becomes the de facto leader. But after a ton of fighting, injuries, and death, we learn Wilford’s alive… and he still wants the train he left behind.

A recent trailer for season two hints that Andre’s section of the train might be too damaged to survive on its own. But judging by the numerous scenes of fighting, talks of war, and how angry Sean Bean looks, it’s not going to be a smooth takeover. And with the news that the world may be warming while the passengers are fighting, the upcoming third season may not even take place on the train.

Millions of people tuned in last year to see how Andre and the rest of the passengers survived on the Snowpiercer.  Whether or not Sean Bean lives to fight in season three (or dies onscreen for approximately the one millionth time), fans are probably going to want another ticket to the train next year.


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