Korean’s Sci-Fi Film Space Sweepers Will Debut in February on Netflix

Last August, Korea’s Bidangil Pictures and Dexter Studios released a trailer for its forthcoming science fiction blockbuster, Space Sweepers—a kinetic-looking, CGI-loaded film about a group of scavengers in orbit. The film was supposed to debut in theaters, but the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic put a kibosh in that.

In December, Netflix scooped up the distribution rights for the film, and has just announced when we’ll get to see it… and it’s less than a month away.

Netflix made the announcement in a tweet, along with a new teaser trailer for the project:

Set in 2092, the film follows a dysfunctional group who work in space salvaging. They pick up a job only to discover an android with a deadly secret. The plan is to sell the droid, but they have that idea shut down by their captain. Plenty of action ensues as other rivals want to get their hands on their discovery.

The trailer shows off tons of space-based action: ships flying all over the place, an android in a bathrobe, some excellent-looking fights, and lots more. I’ve been missing the big, loud blockbusters in theaters, so this looks like it’ll hit the spot.

Space Sweepers will debut on Netflix on February 5th.


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