Angry Robot to Publish Tim Pratt’s Kickstarted Collection, The Alien Stars and Other Novellas

Last year, Tim Pratt launched a Kickstarter for a new book, one set in the same world as his Axiom (The Wrong Stars, The Dreaming Stars, and The Forbidden Stars) trilogy: The Alien Stars: and Other Novellas.

The project was ultimately successful, and according to The Bookseller, it was enough to attract the attention of Angry Robot’s Commissioning Editor, Eleanor Teasdale, who picked up the book for a release later this year.

Pratt’s space opera trilogy (also published by Angry Robot) is set in the distant future, in which the crew of a salvage starship called White Raven come across a derelict ship with a lone survivor, who tells them that she came into contact with aliens. Those aliens are from an ancient civilization and now that they’ve been awoken, they’re bent on exterminating humanity.

The first novel was nominated for a Philip K. Dick Award back in 2018, and after wrapping up the trilogy, Pratt noted that had some more stories set in the world to tell. “For a while now I’ve had ideas for three novellas, each focusing on a character who never got a leading role in the earlier books.” That trio of stories will follow Ashok, a cyborg engineer, an AI named Shall, and an alien named Lantern.

Pratt finished the three novellas last year, and when Teasdale learned of the campaign, she “knew that I wanted to read it and that, actually, maybe I also wanted to publish it. So we reached out.”

Now under the banner of Angry Robot, the collection will hit stores on April 27th.


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