It’s Impossible to Keep Track of Everyone Returning for Spider-Man 3, But We Tried

At what point do we simply assume that everyone who has ever appeared in a Spider-Man movie will be returning for the as-yet-unnamed Spider-Man 3? All the bystanders. All the victims. The lady who plays the theme on a fiddle. And every name actor you can remember, plus five or six more.

Because there have simply been too many announcements, rumors, and reports to keep track of, we’ve collected the latest updates into one handy reference list. Please assume there’s a “reportedly” or “sources say” or “in talks” is in front of every name here unless otherwise noted.

From the Tobey Maguire Era

From the Andrew Garfield Era

From the Rest of the Marvelverse

One vitally important actor has yet to be confirmed: Obviously Bruce Campbell has to show up. But will he appear as “snooty usher,” “ring announcer,” or “Maître d'”? Perhaps all three? Why not?

On the one hand, most of this news should be taken with a grain of salt, like every report about someone very famous being in talks to do something very high-profile. On the other hand … multiverse. (Say it like “multipass,” it’s more fun that way.) Doctor Strange is also hanging out in the multiverse in his next movie. Loki’s being bothered by the Time Variance Authority. Wanda and Vision are wherever—or whenever—they are. Sam and Bucky seem like they’re in a normal enough world, but trailers can be misleading.

One thing is certain: if Spider-Man 3 gets all multiversal and there’s no Miles Morales? We spider-riot.

Spider-Man 3 is currently in production and still expected in theaters on December 17, 2021. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 is also in production with a 2022 release date. WandaVision will be here to beautifully confuse you on January 15, 2021. Everything is subject to the tides of fate, the timestream, and the whims of man and gods.


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