Syfy’s Resident Alien Looks Like a Fun Fish-Out-Of-Water Show

For a while, the Syfy Channel had a bunch of lighter shows that blended science fiction with a comedic edge, like Eureka or Warehouse 13. A new trailer for the network’s new, Alan Tuduk-led series Resident Alien looks like it’ll scratch that itch for fans everywhere.

The show is based off of a comic series from Dark Horse, and follows an alien who crashes down onto Earth, and who has to figure out how to blend in amongst his new neighbors. The visual part of this is easy for Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle (Tudyk)—he has an ability to make people think he looks human—but acting as one of them is a bit tougher.

Shortly after crashing, he’s hiding out in the Colorado Rockies, where there aren’t many people. But when the town’s only doctor is murdered, he’s pulled in to investigate, and hiding gets a bit harder.

Tudyk is good at playing awkward, deadpanned people, and that’s on display in the trailer here: he might look human, but his inflection and tone is slightly… off. Plus, he’s obsessed with the TV series Law & Order and can’t quite contain his excitement at the appropriate time.

The show will debut on Syfy on January 27th, 2021.


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