Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster Space Sweepers Is Coming to Netflix

Earlier this year, a Korean science fiction film called Space Sweepers debuted a new trailer, and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. At the time, it looked as though it was headed to a release in Korea, and I’d hoped some distributor here in the United States would pick it up.

It looks like I’m going to get my wish—Korea JoongAng Daily reports (via Bleeding Cool) that Netflix has picked up the rights to the film.

The trailer shows off an SFX-laden blockbuster. Set in 2092, it follows a group of scavengers high up in orbit fighting to score it big from their hauls of trash. When they come across an abandoned ship, they discover an android girl—one with a bomb installed. Other crews try to steal the girl from them, and action ensues.

The film was supposed to hit theaters in September, but according to South China Morning Post, the film was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to distributor Merry Christmas CEO Yoo Jung-hoon, they “decided that we cannot put off the film premiere any longer. So, in order for successful follow-up expansion of the IP, we chose Netflix to present our film most successfully not only to local but international audiences as well.”

Netflix hasn’t yet announced when the film will debut, but it does list the film on its platform. Hopefully, we won’t have long to wait.


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