Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop — With Pizza Dog! — Confirmed for Hawkeye Disney+ Series

It looks like the MCU officially has a Kate Bishop. And a Lucky, the Pizza Dog.

Behind-the-scenes footage on the Hawkeye set, which recently started filming in Downtown Brooklyn under the name “Anchor Point,” confirms that Hailee Steinfeld will take on the mantle of the Young Avenger. The video also gave us a couple of other key details about the character’s upcoming appearance.

While most people might joke about Hawkeye being their favorite Avenger, that was all too true for Kate Bishop in the comics. She idolized the arrow-wielding Avenger before taking up his mantle and fighting alongside other heroes.

The behind-the-scenes video appropriately shows Steinfeld running alongside Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye down the steps of a New York City subway station (Hoyt-Schermerhorn, if you’re curious) to catch a train to a (probably) exciting new location. Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that Lucky (A.K.A. Pizza Dog) was right beside them. Crew members were able to confirm that he is indeed a good boy. (And also that the actors in the video were indeed Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner.)

Over the last few days, rumors have swirled that Florence Pugh may appear on the upcoming Hawkeye series as well. While that statement doesn’t have any footage to support it yet, we can take the knowledge that the mystery of who will play Kate Bishop is finally solved. Steinfeld’s great turns as Charlie in Bumblebee and Gwen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse have proven that she’s well suited for action-oriented and heroic roles.

While it may be a while until we see Bishop, Lucky, and Hawkeye run through a subway on Disney+, we’ll have shows like Wandavision to hold us over until we get more news about Hawkeye. Oh, and if you happen to run into Lucky while you’re waiting for your next train, maybe you should offer to buy him a 99 cent slice. (But spring for pepperoni if you can. I mean, he solved a murder case once! He deserves it.)


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