The First Season 2 Soundtrack for The Mandalorian is Now Available

When The Mandalorian returned to Disney+ for its second season, there was one thing that was conspicuously missing: An accompanying score for each new episode.

Now, Walt Disney Records has released the first score from the season’s first four episodes.

When The Mandalorian debuted last year, Disney released a corresponding score from Ludwig Göransson for each episode, which contained anywhere from 7-11 tracks. All in all, last season brought 70 new tracks of music—a considerable amount for any TV show or film.

This season, however, Disney seems to have pulled back on that a bit. Rather than releasing individual albums per episode, this season will bring two soundtrack albums, the first of which hit streaming services and retails on Friday.

This new album, Volume 1, contains 13 tracks from this season’s first four episodes: “The Marshal”, “The Passenger”, “The Heiress”, and “The Seige”, hitting all of the high points and specific themes from the episodes, like for the Tuskan Raiders, Bo-Katan and her allies, and more.

Disney also announced that the second volume (which will cover episodes 13-16) will hit retailers in a couple of weeks on December 18th, after the final episode debuts.

It’s a bit of a shame—a major component of Star Wars is its music, and having hours of music for The Mandalorian was a neat treat for soundtrack fans. Hopefully, we’ll get some expanded albums sometime down the road.


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