Robot Serenades an Aquatic Audience in Simon Stålenhag’s Music Video for Duvchi’s Geronimo

Simon Stålenhag is best known for his narrative art book Tales from the Loop, as well as some of his followups: Tales from the Flood, Electric State, and the upcoming The Labyrinth. Now, Stålenhag can add another line to his resume—director of film.

His latest work is a music video for Swedish artist, Duvchi, who’s set to release a new album in December, This Kind of Ocean. The album includes a new song ‘Geronimo’, featuring singer Nadia Nair.

The video looks as though it’s torn right out of one of Stålenhag’s books, opening with a penguin-like robot (named Hector), who discovers a piano in the middle of a granite quarry. As it sits down to play out the song, Stålenhag takes the camera under the water, where we see that he’s got a captive audience of fish and other strange aquatic life forms residing in the quarry.

It’s a beautifully-shot video, with gentle pans and zooms that perfectly accompany the music. It’s a bit of a surreal scene, but it’s one that feels as though it’s a snapshot from the larger retro-technologic world that Stålenhag is known for. You can see more of his work on Tumblr, and on his website (where you can also check out those books).


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