Subterranean Press Announces Print Edition of John Scalzi’s The Dispatcher: Murder By Other Means

If you’ve been waiting to read John Scalzi’s latest story, The Dispatcher: Murder by Other Means, rather than having Zachary Quinto read it to you, you’re in luck: Subterranean Press has announced a limited print edition of the novella.

Scalzi and Audible announced the novella earlier this summer, as part of the rollout of the audiobook service’s unlimited plan. The story is the sequel to Scalzi’s 2016 novella The Dispatcher, set in a world in which people who are murdered come back to life. It follows a “Dispatcher”—an insurance specialist who hangs out in operating suites in case a surgery is about to go south, giving surgeons an opportunity for a do-over. As in this case, Subterranean also released a limited hardcover edition at the time.

This new book came out back in August, and picks up the story of Tony Valdez, who witnesses a botched crime, and unexpectedly finds that people around him begin dying, and which might implicate his involvement. He has to figure out who’s behind the killings—something that’s supposed to be impossible—to stop his own death.

Subterranean is producing 2000 signed copies, and it’s now available for preorder ($40), with shipping is expected in April 2021. There will also be an ebook edition forthcoming…


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