Netflix Renews Space Force for a Second Mission

Netflix has appropriated funding for another season of its Steve Carrell comedy series Space Force, a take on the newest branch of the US Military. The show debuted way back in May, and the long wait for a renewal has had fans wondering if the series would ever return.

The show is created by Carrell and Greg Daniels, who famously created NBC’s workplace comedies The Office and Parks and Recreation. 

The show follows Carrell’s character, General Mark Naird, who’s been promoted to lead the US Space Force. Joining the branch, he has to figure out how to lead the eclectic group of scientists and soldiers as they work towards landing people on the Moon. Along the way, he deals with inter-service rivalries, technical malfunctions, and problems at home. The series also stars John Malkovich, Jimmy O. Yang, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, and Tawny Newsome.

When the first ended earlier this year, (Spoilers, if you haven’t seen it yet) it left a number of questions hanging: War against China is looming, Naird finds his command under threat after he refuses to order an attack on the Moon, and his wife escapes from prison.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on the next season will begin sometime next year in Vancouver to help bring down production costs. A release date hasn’t been announced.


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