Dave Bautista Will Defend the Earth in Universe’s Most Wanted

From the minds behind Rampage and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage comes Universe’s Most Wanted, a film about a small, presumably American town beset by the universe’s most dangerous criminals. Guardians of the Galaxy‘s (pictured above) Dave Bautista is set to play an “intergalactic peacekeeper” who works with the son of the town sheriff to defeat these pesky varmints and villains.

Universe’s Most Wanted director Brad Peyton has a resume that alternates between children’s movies (Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore) and action flicks (yes, Rampage, but more importantly, San Andreas). So it makes a kind of sense that he’s got both kids and musclebound action heroes in this one. He’s also the creator of the single-season Netflix series Daybreak, in which a teenage boy searches for his girlfriend in post-apocalyptic California.

In the script by F. Scott Frazier (the aforementioned xXx sequel) and Jimmy Loweree, a ship carrying the intergalactic criminals crashes in this small town; our heroes have to stop the escaping space baddies from taking over the world. It’s unclear why all of the universe’s worst offenders are on one spaceship—villainous class reunion? raging party? totally safe prison transport, a la The 100?—but such questions are probably best saved for a later date.

Bautista and Peyton will also produce the film, which is described by Deadline as a “big-budget sci-fi fantasy movie” and scheduled to begin production in the spring.


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