It’s a Very Deadly Wonderland in the Trailer for Alice in Borderland

The trailer for Netflix’s upcoming manga adaptation Alice in Borderland is here, and it’s got a lot going on. Would you like to play a game?

We’ve got tigers. We’ve got swimsuit swordfights. We’ve got vitally important cellphones. And we’ve got a lot of playing cards, in what seems like the only really overt nod to Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Borderland is adapted from the manga written and illustrated by Haro Aso, and follows three young troublemakers who stumble into an alternate world where they have no choice but to play a complicated and deadly game. Of course, there’s a mysterious woman who probably knows more than she’s letting on, and a diabolical game master, and a lot of things that can kill them. So many things. So very many things.

(Do moments in this trailer make you think a little bit of an open-world Cube? Cube stressed me out. So does this trailer.)

This isn’t director Shinsuke Sato’s first live-action adaptation; he started his directorial career with The Princess Blade, adapted from the manga Lady Snowblood, and in 2019 directed Alice in Borderland star Kento Yamazaki in Kingdom (with a lot of other adaptation work in between).

Alice in Borderland arrives on Netflix December 10th.


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