Tiny Toons Is Taking Us Back to Acme Looniversity

It’s time to re-enroll in Acme Looniversity. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tiny Toons is set to return to our TV screens in the near future. Fortunately for fans, the creative team developing new episodes of the show is stacked with talent.

The premise of Tiny Toon Adventures was both simple and adorable. Throughout the series, young toons with suspiciously similar personalities to Bugs, Daffy, Porky, and other classic characters attend Acme Looniversity. This prestigious school of comedy and wit was founded to teach little toons how to be funny enough to take center stage as the main Looney Tunes roster someday. As they learned how to be more hilarious, audiences were treated to fantastic sight gags, great running jokes, and now iconic characters.

Tiny Toon Adventures was originally produced by Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment, and fortunately, that won’t change for the revival series. Erin Gibson, known for her work on projects like “Gay of Thrones”  and “Throwing Shade” will produce and serve as showrunner. She’ll serve as an executive producer alongside Nate Cash, who previously worked as the creative director on the Cartoon Network fan-favorite “Adventure Time”.

While we don’t know if any of the original voice cast is set to return yet, we know that the show has already been given a two-season order. You’ll be able to catch episodes on both Cartoon Network and HBO Max. Between the return of Tiny Toon Adventures and the imminent premiere of a new season of Animaniacs, it feels like offbeat 90’s cartoons are making a comeback.

Now, who can I talk to about getting another season of Freakazoid!


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