Cult Favorite Ginger Snaps to Be Reborn As a TV Series

Ginger Snaps may be coming to television, and with a star-studded production team at the wheel. Deadline reports that Sid Gentle Films (Killing Eve) and Copperheart Entertainment (who produced the Ginger Snaps films) are working together on a series adaptation of the trio of cult horror films. Anna Ssemuyaba is set to write the series, and John Fawcett, who directed the original film and was co-creator of Orphan Black, is the executive producer.

Those of you as obsessed with Orphan Black as I am will immediately see an intriguing connection: that series’ star, Tatiana Maslany, was in Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed. There’s no reason to assume she would appear in the Ginger Snaps series, if and when it makes it to screens, but listen—we all need dreams.

The original Ginger Snaps celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The beloved cult film follows two sisters, Ginger (Hannibal‘s Katherine Isabelle) and Brigitte (Emily Perkins), who are obsessed with the macabre and determined to get out of their sleepy town by the age of 16. When Ginger is attacked by a werewolf on the night of her first period, her journey into puberty is, shall we say… different. The film was well-received (“the best teenage werewolf movie ever made,” per the San Francisco Chronicle), but didn’t make much of a cinematic splash outside Canada. Since then, though, it’s become a cult favorite, as the AV Club explored in 2009. You can watch the original trailer here.

Ginger Snaps co-writer Karen Walton went on to write episodes of Queer as Folk and Orphan Black (on which she was also co-executive producer). Beyond Orphan Black, Fawcett has made quite a name for himself as a TV director, most recently working on The Man in the High Castle. I’m iffy on Fawcett referring to the story’s “edgy, girl-power” qualities—two terms that sound a little dated—but there’s so much potential here for a brilliant new story about the horrors of being a teenage girl.


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