That Random Guy In the Batman Costume Could Be Michael Keaton

If your first Batman is always your one true Batman, Michael Keaton is that Bat for a lot of us. On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Keaton neither confirmed nor denied that he might appear in the upcoming The Flash as Batman. “We’re having discussions,” was all he would say, joking with Kimmel that “all 127” Batmans (Batsmen?) would appear. Keaton also correctly identified himself as the best Batman.

But does he ever slip into something a little less comfortable, you know, wear the Batsuit around the house? Put on Prince’s Batman soundtrack and do a little Bat-dance?

Or, as Kimmel asked, “Do you keep the suit at home for, like, sex play, or whatever, or anything?”

Nah. Keaton has a better use for the ol’ getup:

“No. But I will slip into it now and then, you know, if I’m just feeling insecure enough, I’ll just slip into the suit. It makes me feel a whole lot better. I’ll walk around the neighborhood a little bit. When things around here get a little nervous-making? I just put the suit on. And boy, things straighten the fuck up.”

Is he kidding? Or is that random guy in the Bat-costume roaming the streets of Los Angeles actually Michael Keaton, in need of a little emotional pick-me-up and happily terrorizing his neighbors? Only the Batsuit knows for sure.

Listen to their whole conversation below; they get into the Bat-talk at about the 4:20 mark.


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