Angel-Hunter Mercy Sparx Heads to the Big Screen

Mercy Sparx, whiskey-drinking devil-girl on a mission, is set to arrive on screen. Deadline reports that MGM has picked up the rights to the comic book series created by Josh Blaylock. Nick Shafir will write the adaptation, which reportedly skews in the direction of “a female Constantine,” which—listen, Hollywood, don’t tease.

The story of Mercy Sparx started in 2008 with a miniseries that was collected in the Heaven’s Dirty Work trade paperback, which summarized its tale thusly: “Mercy Sparx is a devil girl coerced by the big shots in Heaven to live on Earth, secretly hunting rogue angels. Mercy, disguised as a human, is caught between an epic struggle far over her head. All she wants is some peace, quiet and a fresh supply of whiskey, but fate has bigger plans in store.”

In 2009, Mercy Sparx went on hiatus—but in 2013, creator Blaylock and artist Matt Merhoff brought it back with a Kickstarter and have continued to use the crowdfunding platform for additional rounds of backing.

According to Deadline, MGM “sees this as a franchise with an empowering female character at the center.” Blaylock will executive produce along with a handful of men from Assemble and The Picture Company; MGM’s Elishia Holmes appears to be the only woman currently associated with this woman-empowering project, though hopefully that’ll change as the film nears production. It’s too early for there to be any news on cast, filming, or release date.


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