The Latest Trailer for Pixar’s Soul Shows a Trippy World Beyond

Disney recently announced that it was pulling its upcoming Pixar film Soul from theaters and releasing it directly to Disney+ subscribers in December.

The studio has now released a new trailer touting the new release date, and shows off a film that’s much trippier than other trailers have let on.

We’ve known the basics of the film’s plot for a while now: a musician (Joe, played by Jamie Foxx) is on his way to a gig when he’s killed in a freak accident. He finds himself a spirit on his way to the afterlife, and ends up guiding a new spirit through what life is in a bit of a second chance while he works to get back to his body.

The first full trailer for the film showed off a bit of the “Great Before”—the place where souls get their personalities and quirks—this new one shows off a bit more of what Joe finds when he ends up there. What looks most intriguing is how Pixar has imagined some of their characters, the overseers of the Great Before, who are animated like something out of a Picasso painting: they’re 2-dimensional and sort of alien-looking.

Like the trailers before it, the film reinforces the notion of second chances and making the best of life, something that Joe will undoubtedly learn in heartbreaking fashion in the film.

The movie debuts (without a premium fee) on Disney+ on December 25th, 2020.


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