A New Trailer for His Dark Materials Introduces a Subtle Knife

HBO recently set the return of His Dark Materials for November 16th, and now it’s released a new, full trailer for the upcoming second season of the Philip Pullman adaptation, one that introduces a new object that’ll be at the center of the action: the Subtle Knife.

The show’s first season adapted the events of the first novel, The Golden Compass, following Lyra in her world as she uncovers a horrifying plot from the Magisterium, working to uncover the nature of a particle known as Dust. At the finale of the season, she was able to enter another world, this one inhabited by a boy named Will.

Will is from our world, and is at the center of the next novel in the trilogy, The Subtle Knife. He was introduced in the last season, and from the trailer here, we see how he’s connected to Lyra—his father, John Parry, ended up in her world.

Lyra and Will realize that they’re part of a coming battle, and that people on both sides of that conflict are rallying around them. Along the way, Will obtains the special knife, which can cut its way through into other worlds, giving them a new tool to evade the Magisterium.

The trailer also gives us a good first look at John Parry (played by Fleabag‘s Andrew Scott), who’ll play a big role in the coming season, although sadly, not his daemon, to be voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in one inspired bit of casting.

The season debuts on HBO and HBO Max on November 16th.


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