HBO Max Greenlights Green Lantern Series

HBO Max is getting a new superhero series: Green Lantern. Variety reports that Seth Grahame-Smith (author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) will serve as showrunner for the project, which joins a growing number of other DC shows such as Justice League Dark, Doom Patrol, Titans, Peacemaker, a spinoff to The Batman, and a couple of others.

WarnerMedia greenlit a 10-episode season for the new streaming service, which will follow a group of Lanterns “including Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz and Alan Scott,” as well as “fan favorites such as Sinestro and Kilowog, and will also introduce new heroes to the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps.”

The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police force that keeps the peace throughout the galaxy, aided by a power ring that grants them incredible abilities and can generate a multitude of weapons and objects. Alan Scott is the original character to bear the title Green Lantern, having appeared in All-American Comics #16 in 1940. In 2012, DC brought back the character in a multiverse storyline as a younger, gay man in an alternate reality, which seems to be the basis for the character in this upcoming show.

The series has been in development for a year from Greg Berlanti’s production company, which created Arrow and the rest of the Arrowverse for The CW. It’s not clear how or if this Green Lantern series will tie in with that larger franchise, either directly or tangentially, although it seems likely that they will find a way to cross the characters over in some fashion.

This isn’t the first time the character has been adapted: in 2011, Warner Bros. released a film starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan (pictured above). However, that adaptation was widely panned, by critics and fans alike.


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