American Gods Cast Brings Teaser, New Talent to the Series For Season 3

The third season of American Gods looks like it’s going to be divine. After a panel where the cast desperately tried not to reveal any major spoilers, we got our first teaser at what we can expect when the series returns…as well as the serious talent that will join the show.

(Some spoilers for American Gods seasons 1-2 below)

When the series began, Ricky Whittle’s Shadow was an ordinary mortal that was asked to help the godly Mr. Wednesday (played to perfection by Ian McShane) win a war against new gods. Throughout their bloody and dramatic adventures, Wednesday hid a lot of secrets under his cap. At the end of season 2, Mr. Wednesday let out his biggest secret yet—he is Shadow’s long lost father.

The teaser blips in around the 42 minute mark and wastes no time in addressing this bombshell. A younger Shadow is approached by a buffalo with fiery eyes that asks him to choose sides in the upcoming divine conflict. As Mr. Wednesday and new series regular Ashley Reyes try to persuade Shadow to leave his new home in Lakeside and join their cause, the other gods seem to be preparing for war. While we recognize Crispin Glover’s Mr. World and Bruce Langley’s Tech Boy, there are a few new faces.

A very intimidating duo Danny Trejo and the stellar Dominque Jackson will be playing different versions of the titular Mr. World. Ramsey Bolton Iwan Rheon will play a leprechaun and Marilyn Manson will join the cast as—wait for it—the leader sing of a Viking death metal band. While it’s unclear what roles they’ll play in the story yet, these talented people are sure to make the best of their new roles.

While the visually stunning teaser provided scenes of Mr. Wednesday diving into a crowd and Shadow’s dead wife Laura literally opening up to someone else,  the exact release date of the next season is still unknown. All we know for sure is that we’ll see American Gods return sometime in early 2021.


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