Snowpiercer Season 2 Teaser Gives Premiere Date and Sean Bean’s Wilford

You really, really, do not want to miss this train. After a lively and, at times, poignant panel, fans got a new glimpse at Snowpiercer season two as well as a much-anticipated release date. The short teaser revealed that the fight for control over the titular train is far from over.

(Spoilers for Snowpiercer season 1 below)

In Snowpiercer‘s first season, viewers discovered that the last of humanity had been shoved onto a train called Snowpiercer to avoid a global freeze. Once inside, they were separated into sections based on their class. Jennifer Conelly’s Melanie Cavill worked with Wilford, the train’s creator and operator, at the front of the train to maintain an iron clad caste system and a sense of order on the train. She performs brutal acts while hiding from the grief of losing her daughter.

Meanwhile, Daveed Diggs’s Andre fought to free the people on the tail end of the train from oppression and inhumane conditions. While he is leading his revolution, he uncovers a shocking truth: Wilford isn’t on the train.

Once the truth comes out, Melanie Cavill swiftly loses control of the train. But after striking an alliance with Andre, they decide to help each other keep Snowpiercer running. Unfortunately, this moment of peace was interrupted when a second train appeared out of the snowy landscape and docked onto it. When the second train opened, Melanie’s daughter miraculously emerged—and let everyone know Wilford is still alive.

During the teaser, we see Sean Bean’s Wilford clad in an extremely nice outfit and a commanding presence. And although Andre just finished overthrowing an oppressive train government, the brief action scenes and his narration show that he’s willing to start a new fight for freedom. Meanwhile, Melanie is going to have to reconcile the evil acts she committed on the train with a daughter she never thought she’d see again.

Since Snowpiercer’s first season was packed with shocking twists, heartbreaking deaths, and fantastic and visceral acting, it’s safe to expect that season two has some tragic surprises up its sleeves. And although Sean Bean dies in… well, nearly everything he’s in, I wouldn’t count Wilford out just yet. The premiere of the next revolution on the Snowpiercer will be televised on January 25th, 2021.


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