Nick Frost and Samson Kayo Hunt Ghosts (And Maybe Stop the Apocalypse) in Truth Seekers!

Truth Seekers is a comedy series about a team of paranormal investigators who hunt ghosts across the UK, but as their experiences get more intense, they begin to suspect that a larger conspiracy lurking in the wings—one that might bring about Armageddon itself. Gus (Nick Frost) starts a Youtube series called Truth Seekers partly to distract him from his boring job installing broadband connections, and partly in a surprisingly dark search for his deceased wife. His search hits a new level when he’s partnered with a young man named Elton (Samson Kayo), who reluctantly joins the ghost hunt, and the two men end up helping a woman named Astrid (Emma D’Arcy) with a frightening paranormal experience. As the stakes get higher, Elton’s sister Helen joins the group, along with Gus’ dad Richard.

Watch the full panel, and check out panel highlights below!

  • Nick Frost’s love of horror is rooted in watching The Exorcist as a 10-year-old, but grew during a period when he and Simon Pegg lived with a ghost (???) and became fans of The X-Files. And while co-star Samson Kayo never saw a ghost, his mom believes she saw a mermaid once. Susan Wokoma, meanwhile, was haunted by ominous shapes during bouts of sleep paralysis.
  • Frost also stressed that he wants to create a horror that’s also funny: “Scooby Doo for 2021.”
  • Frost on Emma D’Arcy, who plays Astrid: “She blew us away. And she was cheap!”
  • Samson Kayo’s character Elton is looking for a fresh start, but ends up paired up with Gus and finds himself on ghost-hunting adventures even thought he would perhaps rather not. Frost added, “he does a really good frightened!”
  • And Susan Wokoma’s Helen, a Doctor Who superfan, usually prefers being a lone nerd, but has hit a point where she wants more human connection. Which leads into a bond with Malcolm McDowell’s Richard—especially important because Frost and Pegg wanted to create a show where the characters actually get along and enjoy being together, rather than manufacturing conflict. McDowell was drawn to the project by the scripts, but also because he was intrigued by a comedy that was about fundamentally “lonely people” who form cross-generational bonds.
  • And in a final word from McDowell, “I’m used to playing serial killers all the time, so it was so nice to be in something my mother could enjoy. I loved it.”

Truth Seekers will hit Amazon Prime Video release on October 30, 2020!


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