Tom Sturridge in Talks to Star in The Sandman

Netflix’s The Sandman show is one step closer to production: Collider reports that the show may have found its Dream in actor Tom Sturridge, who is in talks to join the production.

Sturridge is an English actor most recently seen as Jake in Sweetbitter, the adaptation of Stephanie Danler’s novel. He appeared in Mary ShelleyOn the Road, and Pirate Radio, but most likely won’t be a familiar face for SFF fans—which is probably just as well for a role as iconic as this. (He certainly has the cheekbones for it.) Collider also reports that Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Tom York (Poldark) were serious contenders for the role.

Earlier this week, Gaiman said on Twitter that filming is set to start very soon.

In July, Gaiman told Collider that season one of The Sandman would cover the first two volumes of the comic, Preludes & Nocturnes and The Doll’s House. At that point, they were “right in the middle of the casting process,” and Gaiman spoke at some length about the logistical differences between casting for the Audible version (with James McAvoy as Dream) and the television series. As he explained then, getting very famous actors to commit to a series is a process that takes years of planning. “Whether we wanted Michael Sheen as our Lucifer on the TV or not, getting somebody of that stature available when you need them is really difficult,” Gaiman said.

Casting every member of the Endless—Dream, Death, Desire, Despair, Destiny, Despair, Delirium/Delight, and Destruction—is no small task, especially when fans have incredibly strong ideas about what these beloved-for-decades characters look like. But if they’re getting close to landing their Dream, then more news can’t be far behind.

Gaiman also revealed in July that the Audible adaptation had worked as a “control [group]” that led Gaiman, showrunner Allan Heinberg, and co-executive producer David S. Goyer to discuss what from the comics might be changed for the show. “It’s very liberating actually,” Gaiman told Collider. “Having one that is the pure control that means that we know where the doors are open for Netflix and where we can go, ‘Okay, well, this character is male in the original, is there any particular reason why this character has to be male? Oh, there was no point at which this character desperately needs to use their penis to stir tea or something. Let’s change that and see.’ And you just get to start playing and then that takes you to really interesting places too.”

The Sandman will have an 11-episode first season on Netflix. Unsurprisingly, Gaiman was plotting season two of The Sandman before season one even got underway.


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