Vampires Are the Gentrifiers In the First Trailer for Netflix’s Vampires vs The Bronx

Gentrification has been a long-standing threat to communities of color in neighborhoods around the United States, the result of money and affluent neighbors moving in and forcing out their predecessors.

In Netflix’s new film Vampires Vs The Bronx, a group of friends discover that their neighborhood’s under threat from some supernatural newcomers—vampires.

Netflix just debuted the first teaser for the film, which finds three childhood friends trying to save their neighborhood: Buildings are being torn down or converted into apartments, and they notice that there’s an unusual number of missing persons fliers going up.

The gentrifiers in question? Vampires, who say that they’re in “real estate” and plan to wipe out the neighborhood’s residents to take over. The three kids are forced to take the fight to the vampires to save their home, armed with wooden stakes, garlic, and crosses.

The film, directed by Saturday Night Live‘s Osmany Rodriguez, looks like equal parts Stranger Things, Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block, and N.K. Jemisin’s latest novel The City We Became. It’ll begin streaming on Friday, October 2nd.


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