Joan of Arc Meets Space Opera: Announcing a New SF Trilogy From Author Neon Yang

Tor Books announced the acquisition of an epic science fiction trilogy from acclaimed writer and debut novelist Neon Yang by Senior Editor Lindsey Hall via DongWon Song of Howard Morhaim in a pre-empt with world-English rights.

It’s an old, familiar story: a young person hears the voice of an angel saying they have been chosen as a warrior to lead their people to victory in a holy war. But Misery Nomaki knows they are a fraud. Raised on a remote moon colony, they don’t believe in any kind of god. Their angel is a delusion, brought on by hereditary space exposure. Yet their survival banks on mastering the holy mech they are supposedly destined for, and convincing the Emperor of the Faithful that they are the real deal. The deeper they get into their charade, however, the more they start to doubt their convictions. What if this, all of it, is real?

A retelling of Joan of Arc’s story given a space opera, giant robot twist, the Nullvoid Chronicles is a story about the nature of truth, the power of belief, and the interplay of both in the stories we tell ourselves.

Of the acquisition, Hall remarked:

“I have been a huge fan of Neon’s for years and am still pinching myself that I get to work with them on this incredible series. In the Nullvoid Chronicles, they are creating an entirely new world with magic and tech like I’ve never seen and with characters that radiate off the page. I would follow Misery Nomaki on any adventure.”

Yang enthused:

“THE GENESIS OF MISERY is a project that has occupied my heart for years, and I am absolutely delighted that I has found a home with Tor. I cannot wait to share the world and these characters I love with the rest of you.”

The first novel, The Genesis of Misery, is planned for publication in 2022.

Neon Yang (they / them) is a queer non-binary author based in Singapore. They have been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Lambda Literary, Ignyte and Locus Awards, and their work has been an Otherwise Award nominee.


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