Powerful Siblings Face Their Demons in Horrifying Helstrom Trailer

A new trailer has dropped for Hulu’s Helstrom, a brand new series that is subtly set in a darker corner of the Marvel universe.

When demons threaten the world of Helstrom, guardians like Caretaker and psychiatric professionals like Louise Hastings step up to protect innocent lives. When their skills aren’t enough, they need the combined might of Daimon and Ana Helstrom. But before the siblings can help they’ll have to wrestle with the demons in their own past—one of which is their own mother.

As the trailer goes on, we get more insight into what drove the family apart. After discovering their father is a murderer, the Helstrom siblings watch as their mother Victoria is possessed by a powerful demon. The supernatural being hijacking her body is able to easily toss people across the room with just a look. Fortunately, the siblings have powers to counteract them.

While the full extent of their abilities is not shown, they’ll need everything in their arsenal to defeat the danger we see in the trailer. There’s skeletons of otherworldly beings, a hulking figure whose hands are dripping with blood, and a literal pile of bodies strewn across the floor. The horror of all of these supernatural aspects is creatively built up.

Rather than relying on jump scares and other horror trailer cliches, the trailer leans into long shots that slowly reveal terrifying truths and hints at gory fates for those who cross the supernatural. And the cast, consisting of Tom Austen’s Daimon, Syndey Lemmon’s Ana, Robert Wisdom’s Caretaker, June Carryl’s  Louise, and a deeply unsettling Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria brings every bone-chilling moment to life with conviction and gravitas.

Fortunately, the release date for this anticipated show hasn’t changed since the first trailer dropped. Fans will be able to binge all ten terrifying episodes of the new Marvel series when it drops on Hulu on October 16th.


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