Peacock’s Code 404 Is about a Glitchy, British Robocop

If you’ve ever imagined what Robocop might be like if he were British and somewhat glitchy, Peacock’s upcoming series Code 404 looks as though it’ll answer that question.

The series originally aired on Sky in the UK and is headed to NBC’s Peacock next month.

London police officer John Major (Ashes to Ashes and Rogue One‘s Daniel Mays) met a gristly end while on the job, and doctors were able to bring him back, with a couple of additional enhancements as part of an experimental program.

His partner, Roy Carver (Taboo‘s Stephen Graham), is left with guilt after the incident, and is surprised when Major returns to surprise him a year later. The cybernetic enhancements give Major some new skills—he can’t be tased, but also has some significant glitches. He’s a “work in progress,” according to one tech, and as a result he’s a bit more manic and somewhat forgetful. Here’s an extra clip, to get more of a feel for the show’s tone:

Overall, the show looks like it’ll be a bit of a laugh: a buddy comedy that looks a bit like Six Million Dollar Man meets Hot Fuzz. The 6-episode series debuted back in April in the UK, and will begin streaming on Peacock on October 1st.


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