Netflix’s Over The Moon Wants to Soar Into Space and Our Hearts

The moon has never looked more magical—Netflix’s latest trailer for the animated musical Over The Moon showed young protagonist Fei Fei arriving on a bright and imaginative version of the celestial body, instantly drawing us in with its creativity and possibilities. At the same time, it didn’t lose sight of how a new spin on a Chinese myth would be the key to Fei Fei returning home.

While the first trailer for the film mainly focused on why and how Cathy Ang’s Fei Fei and her friends journey to the moon, this latest preview dives more into the creatures and mythology that populate the celestial body. We meet Ken Jeong’s Gobi, a cute glowing animal that is a little too eager to help the stranded humans. Shortly after, Fei Fei meets Phillippa Soo’s Chang’e, a moon goddess with a killer singing voice and a simple request: whoever reunites her with her love can have one wish.

As Fei Fei sets out to fulfill Chang’e’s tremendous request, the moon produces a seemingly endlessly supply of creatures and natural obstacles to stand in her way. But she tackles every challenge with courage, the support of her friends, and an upbeat soundtrack that complements the big adventure.

Over the Moon’s combination of a vibrant world with traditional Chinese mythology promises a film that is both diverse and entertaining for mainstream audiences. And the voice cast, which also includes John Cho, Sandra Oh, Margaret Oh should be music to everyone’s ears. We’ll see if the musical Over the Moon will make us cry, laugh, or give us another earworm like “Let it Go” when it premieres on Neflix on October 23rd.


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