Love and Monsters Trailer Shows Humor, Heart, and Huge Creatures

Maintaining long-distance relationships can be really hard when you’re in the middle of a monster-pocalypse. But legions of giant creatures and their huge destructive potential won’t stop Joel from trying to reach his girlfriend in the trailer for Love and Monsters.

The preview begins when Joel’s (Dylan O’ Brien) date with Aimee (Jessica Henwick) is interrupted by the news that kaiju are attacking his hometown. After the couple is separated, Joel witnesses his parents being crushed by one of the giant creatures. Sometime after their death, he makes contact with Aimee via radio and decides to set off on a journey in a monster-ridden world to find her.

While the premise of the movie sounds as dark as series like Attack on Titan, the trailer’s bright colors and frequent jokes indicate the movie won’t take itself too seriously. The preview is made even better by the presence of a samurai-sword wielding Michael Rooker, busting Joel’s chops and slicing monsters to pieces.

Unlike Joel, you won’t have to leave your house to partake in the story of Love and Monsters. The movie will be available to stream on PVOD on October 16th.


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