Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles Is Coming to Netflix

Rick Riordan’s The Kane Chronicles trilogy is about to get its time in the spotlight. According to Variety, Netflix is planning to turn The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The Serpent’s Shadow into multiple films.

The trilogy follows siblings Carter and Sadie Kane as they discover both their connection to ancient Egyptian pharaohs and new magical abilities that enable them to fight evil. Along the way, the duo encounters various creatures and gods from Egyptian mythology that either aid or hinder them on their journeys. Over the three books, this concept proves as strong and compelling as its two main leads.

Sadie Kane is a powerful and magical twelve-year-old who charges into battles with courage and flexibility. When she teams up with her intelligent and determined older brother Carter, there’s virtually nothing they can’t do. While Sadie will be a great role model for young girls, Carter serves as an inspiration for minority audiences—the elder Kane is described in the books as a young African-American boy. (Considering that Riordan has been extremely vocal when publishers attempted to whitewash his lead character on book covers, we have hope that Netflix will cast his role appropriately.)

While we eagerly await more news about The Kane Chronicles on Netflix, we’ll also be keeping tabs on Rick Riordan’s tv adaptation of the Percy Jackson series over on Disney+. Even though details about both adaptations are scarce, we’re looking forward to upcoming films and tv shows that hopefully offer a bit more than the live-action Percy Jackson films.


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