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AMC’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s vampire novel NOS4A2 won’t get a third season, according to showrunner Jami O’Brien. The series just wrapped up its second season last week, in which it finished covering the events of the novel.

Hill published NOS4A2 in 2013, about a girl named Victoria “Vic” McQueen (played by Ashleigh Cummings) who has a special ability to track down missing objects—something that puts her in the crosshairs of Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto), an immortal creature who feeds off of the souls of children by bringing them to a horrific place called Christmasland.

AMC picked up the adaptation back in 2015, and debuted the first, 10-episode season in June 2019. That season didn’t cover the entire book, but in the show’s second season, Vic and her friends ultimately triumph over Manx.

While the series covered the entirety of the novel, the show’s creators had been thinking about what to do with a third season. Back in July, O’Brien told Coming Soon that “I do think that there are lots of stories to tell in this universe.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly after last week’s finale, Hill explained that while the possibility of a Season 3 was remote, “I think one of the questions it would have to answer is, can Wayne pull Millie towards humanity or will Millie pull him towards monster-ousness?”

Hill also notes that there’s always the possibility that they could return to Christmasland for a one-off. “There’s a graphic novel called Wraith, which I always describe as “Con Air-in-Christmasland.” I would love to see that as a standalone movie, so if AMC ever wants to do a spin-off film, like they did with El Camino and Breaking Bad, I’d be all for it. Let’s go!”

In the meantime, we’ll have a second season of Hill’s graphic novel series Locke & Key to look forward to at some point on Netflix.


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