Schitt’s Creek Stars to Lead Syfy’s The Surrealtor

Finding a new home is about to get scary—well, scarier than it already is. Get ready for a Syfy’s The Surrealtor.

A new Syfy series called The Surrealtor will follow Schitt’s Creek’s Tim Rozon as Nick Roman, the head of a real estate firm that specializes in investigating, and hopefully selling, haunted houses. He’ll be joined by fellow Schitt’s Creek star Sarah Levy, who will play Susan Ireland, an experienced realtor who doesn’t think that supernatural beings exist. While Roman inevitably clashes with Ireland about the existence of both kind and unfriendly ghosts, the rest of the real estate team played by Dam Korson, Maurice Dean Wint, and  Savannah Beasley will be working hard to sell those haunted properties.

Rounding out the announced cast is Tennville Read, who ironically befriended a realtor during her recent stint on Workin’ Moms. While we know that Read’s character will be there to try to sell her (presumably haunted) grandfather’s house, the format of the show is still up in the air. Will they stick to the traditional episodic drama format? Or will they try to imitate the style of an episode of House Hunters? If they go with the latter style when The Surrealtor goes into production in a few weeks, I hope the episode begins like this:

Tom: Hi, I’m Tom and I sell miniature dinosaurs to museums every six years!
Pam: I’m Pam and I’m a traveling vacuum salesman. Our budget is five million dollars!
Ghost: Are you two serious? (Tom and Pam run away, screaming)



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