Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers is Headed to Television With The Walking Dead’s Glenn Mazzara

An adaptation of Chuck Wendig’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic novel Wanderers just got a bit more momentum: Lionsgate Television will produce the event series, and has brought in The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara to serve as showrunner.

What’s more, Wendig will be publishing a sequel, which is due out in 2022.

Wendig’s novel is set in the midst of a pandemic that overtakes the United States, turning those infected into sleepwalkers who are compelled to wander to a mysterious destination. The illness upends the social order around the country, prompting the rise of violent militias and other social unrest. The novel has been particularly acclaimed, and even before it hits stores last year, QC Entertainment had snapped up the rights for a TV series.

Now, the project has a bit more steam. Mazzara worked as a producer and writer for shows like The Shield, Life, and The Walking Dead (for seasons 2 and 3), and tells Deadline that Wendig “certainly has his finger on America’s pulse. Wanderers has been incredibly prescient about so many things, it’s frightening.”

Deadline didn’t have many details about the sequel, (which Wendig says will be called Wayward), but did note that it’ll be set in the aftermath of Wanderers, and will follow the survivors as they “contend with a rising authoritarian force. Now, in an America broken by disease and political extremists, they must fight their way to a more hopeful future.”

There’s no word on where or when the TV adaptation of Wanderers will be released, but the announcement of a showrunner signals that the project is still moving forward. Despite the ongoing pandemic, it doesn’t seem as though TV shows about world-altering plagues are going away anytime soon: CBS just announced earlier today that it’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand (which Wanderers has been compared to) will debut in December this year.


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