CBS’s The Stand Will Debut in December

CBS has announced when it’ll debut its upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand: December 17th. The 9-episode series will debut on the network’s streaming platform, CBS All Access, and will feature a new coda for the series written by King himself.

The series is certainly a timely one. Published in 1978, King imagined a weaponized version of the influenza virus that sweeps over the world and kills 99.4% of all of human life, leaving behind a small number of people to try and rebuild society. King positions the story as a fight against good and evil, with Mother Abigail (played by Whoopi Goldberg) on one side, and Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård) on the other.

The novel was adapted as a TV series before in 1994, and Warner Bros. had plotted out a film adaptation in 2011 from David Yates and with Ben Affleck set to star. That project never went anywhere, but the studio brought in Josh Boone in 2014 for another attempt. Somewhere along the way, one film became four, and that eventually became a limited TV series with a film capping it off. That project also never came to fruition, and in 2016, the rights reverted back to CBS.

The miniseries idea stuck around, and CBS greenlit the project in 2019, with Boone set to direct the entire thing. The series will jump back and forth in time, with flashbacks introducing the major characters, and the series will primarily follow Fran (played by Odessa Young), a pregnant woman who appears to be immune to the illness.

The Stand will debut after CBS launches the third season of Star Trek: Discovery in October, which should give viewers a reason to hang onto that subscription for just a while longer.


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