New Trailer For Justice League Snyder Cut Gives Fans More Of Cyborg and Flash

The latest trailer for the upcoming Snyder Cut of  Justice League packed plenty of things we’ve come to expect from the filmmaker, from scenes of widespread destruction and slow-motion action, to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

But more importantly, the teaser delivered what Snyder has long-promised, showing footage for expanded storylines on two of its main heroes: the Flash and Cyborg. After the trailer reveals the notorious and powerful Darkseid (whose presence was teased in a dream sequence in 2016’s Batman v Superman), we see Flash running through a ruined wasteland and saving a pedestrian from a car accident. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the woman he appears to save looks like Barry Allen’s longtime love interest and future wife, Iris West.

Cyborg’s scenes are not nearly as light-hearted. The trailer shows him digging in a cemetery, limping away from the Flash, and watching his father disintegrate before his eyes. Knowing that a large portion of Cyborg’s plot was cut due to reshoots, it’s encouraging to finally get a glimpse of the arc that will hopefully see the character in a more central role than the one he was given in the theatrical cut.

Provided that post-production goes well, fans will finally get to see the version of the Justice League that features Darkseid, Black Suit Superman, expanded storylines for its heroes (and maybe another reprise of “Hallelujah”) on HBO Max in 2021.


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