Cheetah Makes Her Entrance in New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

Diana’s going to have her hands full in Wonder Woman 1984.

The new trailer, released during DC FanDome, gives us a quick glimpse of a young Diana running into an arena before supervillain Maxwell Lord seemingly takes over every computer and tv screen across the world. But before we can ask how he accomplished that in the 1980’s (before the internet went public), Steve Trevor appears. Since Diana saw Steve die in World War I during the first film, she’s just as confused as the audience as to how or why he’s come back into her life again.

But before she can process Steve’s resurrection, we’re treated to the best part of this new teaser: Kristin Wiig as Barbara Minerva, A.K.A. the Cheetah. Although we’ve seen glimpses of her character before, the new trailer finally shows her going one-on-one with Wonder Woman. (Unlike the bizarre abominations in last year’s CATS, the CGI used to render Kristin Wiig as a cheetah-human hybrid looks intimidating and convincing.)

Between dealing with two powerful villains and teaching Steve what parachute pants are, Wonder Woman’s going to have some serious challenges to overcome in the upcoming sequel. We’ll see how Diana handles her villains and ghosts when the film drops, pandemic willing, on October 2nd, 2020.


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