The 100 Comes Together for a Poignant Final Comic-Con Panel

The 100 family came together for their final Comic-Con appearance, including current castmembers Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Shannon Kook, JR Bourne, Shelby Flannery, creator/executive producer Jason Rothenberg, and some special messages for the fans.

Watch the panel here, or hop down for a few highlights!

Jason Rothenberg opened by discussing the sense of an ending: The ending of a story is the moral of that story, and we really wanted to say something with this season. I think when people do get to the end and see it, they’ll perhaps come to look at the whole series differently. We’re not just saying people are awful and they’ll do anything to protect their loved ones and kill anybody who’s taking their stuff—which unfortunately is a big part of human nature. We’re making more of a statement about that.


On Changes This Season:

Marie Avgeropoulos: Octavia has become the “most self-actualized version of herself” as she becomes a mother to Hope.

Lindsey Morgan: Raven goes from being “Miss Morality” to a “taste of grey.”

Richard Harmon: The pleasure of playing Murphy this season is seeing him fall ass-backward into a leadership position…a reluctant leader.

Tasya Teles: [Echo’s] big challenge is figuring out who she is without having somebody to follow, without being the right hand to somebody. That’s a big challenge to Echo because

Last season Russell’s consciousness was taken over by Sheidheda (Grounder “Dark Commander”) so this season JR Bourne is playing a whole new version of himself. “Beyond anything that I’ve—it’s one thing to play different characters on different shows but to do it on the same show with the same sort of family, that was a brand new experience, and what a gift.

Jason Rothenberg: I get to see every take of every performance…and J.R. gives us choices. There have been some HUGE Sheidheda moments…he definitely leaves it all on the field.”

Lindsay Morgan, who also directed an episode this season: “Try directing him! You get to play with all the gear of the Ferrari.”

Shelby Flannery: Immerse is what you have to do. You have to throw yourself in 100 percent in order to find the magic. And the cast has been made it a lot easier because they’re all incredibly accepting and loving as you see.


On the fear of being killed off:

Richard Harmon: You gotta be at peace with it for sure.

Tasya Teles: Every script that landed I was like, “It’s today.”

Marie Avgeropoulos: I don’t like seeing [showrunner’s] name on my cellphone. I know I’m the Honda Civic that just keeps going but seeing his cell number I’m like, “Ooof, what did I do now.”

Lindsay Morgan: I just remember in Season 4 when Raven’s brain was starting to deteriorate, people on the crew started saying goodbye to me, like “Should I be worried?”


On Props!

Asked if anyone liberated props from set, Rothenburg revealed that he nabbed the Flame.

Lindsay Morgan: I took Raven’s jacket and leg brace

Tasya Teles: I took all of your chair backs.


And a Final Farewell

Many past stars of The 100 sent farewell messages for the panel, but two of the most poignant came from the actors who played Abby Griffin and former Commander Lexa.

Paige Turco: “You were able to hear what we were saying, you were able to relate to what we were saying. Biggest part of that? You were heard.”

Alycia Debnam-Carey: “Although we went through a big journey with Lexa, she lives on in [the fans].”


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