The Walking Dead: World Beyond Gets a Premiere Date

Fans got their first long look at The Walking Dead: World Beyond with a full trailer and premiere date! In a panel for [email protected], the cast and crew sat down to tell us a little more about this latest addition to the Walking Dead family.

If you’re looking for that sweet, sweet trailer footage, move to 1:21 in the video and feast your eyes. We get a good idea of how this show will be different from the other two shows currently running on AMC, this one centering more about the first generation raised with this world as their normal. Given that, the tone has a note of hope to it—the idea that perhaps this could be the start of a new era, that these kids will bring about a different way of life.

Aliyah Royale portrays Iris Bennett, the young woman at the center of this story with her best friend Hope (Alexa Mansour). Mansour acknowledged that Hope’s name is a source of irony because she doesn’t have much of her namesake, though she gains it throughout the season. Royale noted that “Hope is Iris’s hope”, that their relationship is the driving force that propels her character forward, and that their closeness in central to the show’s dynamic.

Julia Ormond is playing one of the more ominous figures on the show (she would not admit to knowing where Rick was, despite her extremely suspicious entrance on a certain helicopter in the trailer), and she and Joe Holt (who is playing Iris’s father, Leo Bennett) both admitted that they started binging the show in preparation for their roles, and are now both thoroughly obsessed.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond will premiere on October 4th, following the tenth season finale of The Walking Dead. For more delightful cast shenanigans, check out the video above!


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