The Walking Dead’s Season Ten Finale (Finally) Approaches!

The Walking Dead season ten finale did not air when it was meant to, due to production delays related to the pandemic, but the team had good news when they sat down to their panel for [email protected]—it’s finally coming!

The season ten finale of The Walking Dead will air on October 4th, directly before the premiere of Walking Dead: The World Beyond and a new episode The Talking Dead. If you want to see the opening, fast-forward to 1:28 in the panel video for the first few minutes of the finale.

Obviously, this is all a little distressing, seeing the Whisperer Beta assembling an army of the undead to bring to bear against the living. Norman Reedus (who portrays Daryl Dixon) was on hand to answer questions about a potential rematch between himself and Beta, which he admitted that he was not looking forward to—he said that he wished the fight could take place from very “far away”, noting that those scenes were always particularly rough to film, requiring a lot of Excedrin once they were complete.

The panel also includes information of Maggie’s return(!) and plenty more cast members in varying degrees of comfort. (I’ll take Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s chair, please.)

Another announcement made for the panel—due to the strain placed on production by the pandemic, season eleven will not begin airing in October as usual, but there will be six extra episodes added to the end of season ten, which will air early in 2021! Check out the panel above for more information.


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