Netflix Has Picked Up All Seven Seasons of The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince has had the greatest panel of [email protected] thus far—amidst many announcements, they gathered the voice actors together to play parts of the panel in-character… including the opening, where they all pretended to be getting together for a Zoom call.

But the biggest reveal came at the end of the video to both the cast and the fans: After the #GiveUsTheSaga hashtag campaign that devotees previously ran up on Twitter, Netflix has agreed to greenlight all seven seasons of The Dragon Prince, guaranteeing us the full story.

The panel featured co-creators Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz along with Jack De Sena (Callum), Sasha Rojen (Ezran), Paula Burrows (Rayla), Jesse Inocalla (Soren), Racquel Belmonte (Claudia), Jason Simpson (Viren), and Erik Todd Dellums (Aavaros). There were a few fun scenarios for fans to enjoy while the actors voiced their characters—first the aforementioned Zoom call, then a read of a scene from the graphic novel being released by Scholastic on October 6th, then a scripted Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It’s worth it just to watch the actors voice their characters from the comfort of their own homes. Rojen does the entire call with a stuffed Bait on her shoulder, giving atmosphere to the proceedings.

They move on to answer questions, starting with what everyone has been doing during the pandemic, which is mostly fun because you get to hear “learning to play the ukulele” in Viren’s ponderous tenor. There are some great fan questions, including who each actor would prefer to swap parts with for a day. Everyone agreed that they would love to have Erik Todd Dellums’s voice even just to “order a pizza”, but Belmonte and Inocalla admitted that they would like to swap brother and sister roles (Inocalla for the writing that Claudia gets, Belmonte because she apparently loves “jock” characters so much).

The major news of the entire saga being picked up by Netflix was also a surprise to the cast, which means you can watch their reactions in realtime to the happy announcement. (The intended number of seasons was revealed by the creators last year: Each season, or “book”, is named for one of the primal sources. There are six primal sources, plus dark magic, which would give us seven total seasons.) Check out the entire panel above, and get hyped for the rest of the show—we may not have a release date for season four, but we’re getting the entire saga no matter what!


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