Brandon Sanderson’s Next Stormlight Archive Novella Is Called Dawnshard

Brandon Sanderson’s upcoming Stormlight Archive novella will be titled Dawnshard! Dragonsteel Entertainment art director Isaac Stewart made the announcement in an update to the author’s (extremely well-funded) Kickstarter campaign for a 10th anniversary leatherbound edition of The Way of Kings, revealing a tentative cover design by himself and Ben McSweeney.

According to the update, Dawnshard “follows the story of Rysn, the Thaylen merchant whom we’ve seen before in the Interludes of the first three books of the Stormlight Archive series.” (Need a refresher? Head on over to the relevant sections in the Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and Oathbringer rereads.) More details will be revealed in a live-stream on Thursday.

In other news, Sanderson revealed over the weekend that he’s finished the final draft of The Stormlight Archive book 4, Rhythm of War. At “roughly 460k” words, the book will be around the length of Oathbringer and consist of 112 chapters, in addition to a prologue, epilogue, and interludes.

Rhythm of War, comes out November 17, 2020 from Tor Books, with preview chapters to be unveiled on the site leading up to the release. It’s available for pre-order now from your preferred retailer.



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