Oh No, They’re Making Captain Hook Sexy Again

Captain Hook may once again be played by an individual who’s broken the top 25 on a magazine’s “sexiest” listVariety reports that Jude Law is currently “in talks” to play the krokodeilophobic villain, infamously sexified by Jason Isaacs in 2003, in Disney’s forthcoming live-action remake of Peter Pan

This iteration of Peter Pan, entitled “Peter Pan & Wendy,” is the latest in a long string of live-action remakes of J.M. Barrie’s classic novel, although the first by Disney itself. Most recently, there was 2020’s Wendy, whose identity of Captain Hook would be a spoiler, 2015’s Pan, starring Garrett Hedlund as Hook, and 2014’s Peter Pan Live!, which featured Christopher Walken in a more musically inclined version of the villain.

According to Variety, David Lowery (Pete’s Dragon) will be directing the film and co-writing the script alongside Toby Halbrooks. As previously announced, Alexander Molony (The Reluctant Landlord) has been cast as Peter, while Ever Anderson (Black Widow) will play the role of Wendy. There’s no word yet on other cast members, a production timeline, or a release date, although Variety reports (based on unnamed sources) that the film will be released theatrically and not on Disney+.

Photo of Jude Law by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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