The Wheel of Time Has Cast Two Whitecloak Leaders

The Wheel of Time television series is back again with more casting news! Which, given their current production pause, is exciting for all of us because it gives us more information to chew over. This time, we’ve got Whitecloaks on the brain…

(Note: The comments section for this piece will most likely contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time series.)

Eamon Valda will be played by Abdul Salis (Casualty) and Geofram Bornhald will be played by Stuart Graham (The Fall). For those who need a refresh, these are the fellas who imprison Perrin and Egwene in The Eye of the World, after the duo get lost and accidentally come across one of their patrols.

Here are all the casting reveals so far:

We have no word on how the production delay will effect the show’s release date, but we’ll give you the updates as they come!



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