The Lady of the Lake Leads a Rebellion in the First Full Trailer for Netflix’s Cursed

“You are not some fragile maid. You are a warrior.” Netflix has released the first full trailer for Cursed, which finds the Lady of the Lake wielding Excalibur as she leads her people in a rebellion.

Based on Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller’s illustrated novel of the same name, Cursed retells the Arthurian legend with Nimue (Katherine Langford) as the protagonist. In this version of the story, the Lady of the Lake comes from a tribe of Druids, persecuted by the fanatical Red Paladins for their ability to perform magic. While we only got a glimpse of both in the teaser, the trailer fills in quite a bit of backstory, setting up the war that forces Nimue to go on the run. While fleeing her village, her mother hands her Excalibur, a legendary sword cursed to “corrupt all who wields it,” and tasks her with delivering it to Merlin. Left with no choice, Nimue arms herself against the Red Paladins, even as the curse visibly takes over her body in the form of moss-like veins.

Also in this trailer: a closer look at Arthur (Devon Terrell), now a suave young mercenary, and Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård), a bald-headed mage who has a…complicated relationship with Excalibur, to say the least.

Cursed arrives on Netflix July 17.


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