Lucifer’s Fifth Season Will Debut on Netflix on August 21st

Netflix has revealed when its next (and maybe not final?) season of Lucifer will premiere: August 21st, with a cheeky video featuring the show’s titular antihero’s most salacious moments from the past four seasons.

The series, if you haven’t caught up on it, is based Neil Gaiman’s character from The Sandman (and later spun off into his own series). It initially followed Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) after he leaves Hell for Los Angeles, where he opens up a nightclub called Lux. He helps a detective, Chloe Decker (Lauren German) with a murder case, and ends up sticking around as a consultant, at which point the series mostly left the Sandman storyline and characters behind and grew into its own mythology.

The series was originally a Fox show, but the network canceled the series in 2018, citing its low ratings. However, Netflix then stepped in to renew the series after its vocal fanbase protested. The streaming service renewed the series for a fifth and final season last year, which was set to debut in two batches of eight episodes sometime this year. And despite stating that Season 5 would be its last, Netflix renewed Ellis’ (as well as that of the rest of the cast and showrunners) contract for a potential sixth season.

Part 1 of season 5 will debut on August 21st — that should give Netflix time to finish filming the season (production stopped because of the pandemic) in time for the second half.


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