Watch Mary Robinette Kowal Narrate The Entirety of Her New Book The Relentless Moon Over 8 Days

Mary Robinette Kowal wears a number of hats. Not only is she the author of books like Shades of Milk and Honey, The Calculating Stars, and The Fated Sky, she’s also a professional puppeteer and a voiceover artist who’s narrated a number of audiobooks and short stories.

She narrated her two Lady Astronaut novels back in 2018, and with the next installment coming up, The Relentless Moon, she’s back behind the microphone. And this time around, she’s going to do so before an audience: you.

The series, which began with The Calculating Stars (which jumped off from her 2013 story The Lady Astronaut of Mars) is set in an alternate world where an asteroid strike prompts humanity to kick off a space program early, before Earth becomes uninhabitable. Last year, The Calculating Stars earned Kowal the Hugo, Locus, and Nebula for Best Novel, as well as the Sideways Award for Alternate History. The Relentless Moon is set to hit stores in July.

On Twitter, Kowal noted that she’s going to livestream the entire narration process for the audiobook. She started earlier today at 10:45AM, and will continue for the next eight days, a process that she estimates will last about 50 hours.

The goal, she says, is to show off what it’s like to record an audiobook and, it’ll give fans a chance to listen to the novel, although the process won’t be like listening to an entire audiobook: it’ll feature any bloopers and mistakes that she makes as she records the entire book, and it should provide a good look into the publishing process that we usually don’t get to see.


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